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How to maintain the pipelined worktable

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Each pipeline workbench can be attributed to the same components, which are composed of executive components, sensors, and controllers. For example, the upper and lower workstations are basically also made up of these three components. Of course, any machine will fail. How to detect it, we know through 5 points.

1. Check all power, gas and hydraulic sources for the assembly table.

Problems with power, gas and hydraulic sources often lead to failure of the pipeline workbench. For example, power supply problems, including failures of power supply throughout the workshop, such as low power supply, burnout of insurance, poor contact with power plugs, etc.; failure to open the air pump or hydraulic pump, and failure to open the pneumatic triplex or double coupling, Discharge valve or certain pressure valve in hydraulic system are not open, etc.

The following aspects should be included in the detection of the pipeline workbench:

A. The power supply, including the power supply for each equipment and the power supply for the workshop.

B. Air source, including the pressure source required for the pneumatic device.

C. Hydraulic source, including the hydraulic pump working condition for the assembly line table hydraulic device.

As a result of equipment maintenance personnel's negligence, there may be errors in the position of some sensors, such as sensor failure, sensitivity fault and so on, which have been used for a long time. Always check the sensor's sensor position and sensitivity, adjust the deviation in time, and replace the sensor immediately if it breaks down. Most of the time, because of the vibration of the assembly line table, most of the sensors will be loosened after long-term use, so we should always check that the sensor position is correct and firm during daily maintenance.

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