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Maintenance and maintenance of assembly line

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Pipeline maintenance is not only the maintenance of hardware, but also to pay attention to the regular operation of operators. The graphic design of assembly line should ensure the shortest transportation route of parts, convenient operation of production workers, convenient work of auxiliary service department, most effective use of production area, and consideration of the interconnection between assembly line installation. In order to meet these requirements, the form of pipeline and the arrangement method of pipeline installation working place should be considered in the arrangement of pipeline plane.

1. Maintenance and maintenance of the maintainable transformer of the head motor: never enter the water in the motor. Once the water enters the water, the insulation of the motor will be destroyed and the equipment will not work.

2. Chain maintenance and maintenance: the chain needs more observation, often adding butter and lubricating oil, as a result of the chain working for a long time, the lubricating fluid experience evaporates, which causes the noise to increase, incline to crawl and so on.

3. Maintenance and maintenance of the reducer at the head of the assembly line: After the first quarter of operation, drain the excess oil in the reducer, take a bath in the reducer with gasoline, diesel, etc., and then add the new lubricant to the middle of the observation window. This will be done every year. To: lubricant added too little will cause the reducer noise and overheating, or even the abandonment of the reducer, and each time the lubricant can not exceed the middle of the observation window, too much will lead to the overheating of the reducer, motor load is too large and the protection switch is disconnected.

4. Regular inspection and maintenance to avoid machine failure delay production.

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