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Five basic principles for the layout of pipelined worktables

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The following objectives should be achieved: minimizing roundabout, stopping and handling; keeping the flexibility of assembly production; making effective use of manpower and area; improving morale; and providing convenience for workshop management. We need not only an ideal assembly line equipment layout, but also an economical assembly line equipment design, so as to do as little as possible, more output, configuration should be based on the following principles. .

1. Simplification principle

Pipeline workbench equipment layout should be concise, clear, easy to manage, avoid complications.

2. Reasonable flow direction and shortest moving principle

The equipment layout of the assembly line table should be unified and coordinated according to the assembly process to ensure the rationality of the logistics design, that is, the whole product assembly process is continuous, there is no pause, backflow and long distance transportation. Reasonable logistics does not produce any additional value, but it can reduce the manpower and material resources spent in logistics, and achieve the effect of reducing cost and improving quality. In logistics, the moving distance and transport volume are as short as possible to avoid stagnation, overtaking and accumulation.

3. Effective use of area principle

In the layout of the equipment of the assembly line workbench, the area should be fully and effectively utilized, and the equipment interval should be minimized to ensure a certain maintenance space. This not only improves the utilization ratio of the area, but also reduces the distance traveled by the workers.

4. Safety and convenience principle

Production safety is a major event, it is one of the basic objectives of assembly line equipment layout. To ensure the safety and satisfaction of workers can not only reduce the cost of production management, but also change the mental outlook of workers. At the same time, in the work, must emphasize 6 s activity, namely finishing, rectifying, cleaning, accomplishment and safety.

5. Flexibility principle

The layout of pipeline equipment must be flexible and adaptable to certain expansion and modification, that is to say, it is convenient to adjust the arrangement of assembly line equipment under the condition of minimum cost. In the pipeline equipment design stage, must analyze the change factor, leave room, in order to adapt to all kinds of changes.

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