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How to maintain the assembly line workbench?

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In order to maintain the technical performance of the assembly line, the initial setup, daily operation and maintenance of the equipment are essential. If you despise these things, the performance of the equipment will cause the workbench to run in an incomplete state.
1. The sealed clean workbench adopts a structure in which the positive pressure contaminated area is completely surrounded by the negative pressure zone.
2. Moreover, before the sterilization of the workbench with formaldehyde fumigation, in order to prevent formaldehyde leakage, the whole machine should be checked for tightness by the "soap bubble" method.
3. Regularly (usually every February) measure the wind speed of the working area with an anemometer. If the requirements of the technical parameters are not met, the fan supply voltage can be adjusted.
4. When the fan voltage is adjusted to the maximum, if the wind speed in the working area still does not meet the requirements of the technical parameters, the air supply high efficiency filter must be replaced. When the air supply high efficiency filter is replaced, the exhaust air high efficiency filter must also be replaced. After the replacement, apply the dust particle counter to check whether the four perimeter seals are good. If there is any leak, seal it with sealant.
5. The fan does not require special maintenance, but a regular inspection is recommended.

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6. The clean line workbench should pay attention to the following when replacing the high efficiency filter:
When replacing the air/exhaust high-efficiency filter, stop it, firstly sterilize the clean line workbench.
When updating the high-efficiency filter, the filter paper should be protected from damage during special unpacking, handling and installation. It is forbidden to touch the filter paper by hand to cause damage.
Before installation, place the new high-efficiency filter against the bright spot and visually check whether the high-efficiency filter is leaky due to transportation and other reasons. If there is a loophole, it cannot be used.
At the time of installation, attention was also paid to the fact that the arrow mark on the high-efficiency filter was consistent in the direction of the wind exit of the workbench.
When tightening the rivet, the force should be uniform, that is, to ensure that the high-efficiency filter is stable and reliable, and that the high-efficiency filter is prevented from being deformed and leaking.
After replacement, the dust particle counter should be used for leak detection, especially for scanning inspection around the high-efficiency filter frame.
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