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How can sewing line staff improve work efficiency?

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The leader of the sewing line workbench teaches the collar line:
The traditional way of teaching is that the upper-level leader and the lower-level lead seams, because of the worry that the outer ring can not see the wiring, so the lower-level collar of the lower-level collar retains 1CM on each side, so that the lower-level leader's bright line from the two sides of each 2CM is the starting point and the knot Clicking on this will not see the wire ends. The way to improve the pressing of the open line is to press the open line from the shoulder point. The key point is to explain the benefits of the upper line of the upper and lower end of the staff. It is convenient for the staff to accept the training and give one hour of training per training. 14 yuan per person.
The benefit of the sewing line table from the shoulder point is 5 points.
1. There is only one joint in the joint line from the shoulder point. Unlike the traditional method, it is necessary to slow down the speed of wiring at two places (the overlap work time is reduced).
2, starting from the shoulder point, the car has at least reduced the repair line, and the working hours have also decreased.
3. From the shoulder point, press the pair of bright lines at least at the back collar. It is easier to form a parallel line with two straight lines. If you use the traditional style from the collar, the front half of the line is mostly curved, and it is easy to form a more inclined position at the back collar (the back collar and the big strip are more parallel).
4, in the upper line of the lower end of the collar, you can press it directly from the left to the right. It takes only 8 seconds to complete the training. It is very shocking to make the operator feel a sense of accomplishment, unlike the traditional style, together with the piece and the bending line. More than 10 seconds. The curved line of the two sides has not been calculated yet (the operating time is saved)
5, the last point in the collar to the shoulder point - segment of the bright line because it is the earliest car that is now easier to press the line (because the distance is short, and the target is obvious) since it is beneficial to the operator's improvement method, in the case of the party It sounds more like a sense of identity. If the operator is told to set the price for 80 seconds, the party is more gratified.
Second, the sewing line workbench "you tell me to listen to" stage
Maybe she can't finish the five points in one breath. Then you can re-narrate one or two times. I believe she has been able to smoothly explain the five advantages of the improved operation mode. Once she has finished speaking, she has fully understood these five advantages.

Pipeline workbench
Pipeline workbench
Third, the sewing line workbench I demonstrate (do) to show you the stage
1, it is best to only partially sew the car (to make a complete collar, while the collar has been ironed, the body is only partial and about 15CM wide.
2, in the pre-production process training, the author also has a unique trick is that the training process does not wear sutures, so that you can practice for ten times without having to match a dozen pieces, the effect is absolutely excellent. At the same time, tell the operator at any time for a few seconds, those seconds and goals and operational data.
3, both hands take the large body piece and collar target 値 5 seconds, give 5 to 7 exercises about 6 to 7 seconds (including has been placed under the presser foot can start the sewing at any time)
4, from the shoulder point pressure 1 / 16 inch edge line to the other shoulder point target 値 7 seconds. Pay attention to the width and width of the border line. The left hand shifts the right hand at any time and then dials the piece from time to time. The collar piece and the presser foot are in a parallel line state, and the eye pays attention to the width and width of the edge, and it takes about 7 to 10 times to reach 8 to 9 seconds. While practicing, while reading the seconds, you can have a sense of accomplishment and a happy mood to learn.
5. If the main guide is required to be clipped in the back collar, the main standard should be held in the hand to reduce the working time of 1 to 2 seconds. At the same time, the main standard must be placed to avoid skew. The target 値 6 seconds, practice 5 to 7 times on the Ok ^ and then from the shoulder point to the other side of the collar target 値 6 seconds. The gesture is slightly the same as the back collar of the car, but the arc is slightly larger. It may take 7 to 10 times to reach 8 to 9 seconds.
6, the gesture to the lower level of the collar should be left with the left hand from the northwest to the south (the position of the hour hand to the 6 position to 6) about 5 times to practice OK and 1 second to get.
7, the 3,5CM arc of the collar of the car needs to be trained more than 10 times and the stitches must be good, the target 値 2 seconds should pass.
8. The needle position is at the presser foot. The left and right hands are ready to slowly retreat. The force of the suture is used to smash the straight part of the vehicle to the target value for 4 seconds. After ten times of training, the working time is about 5 to 6 seconds.
9, the curved line of the collar of the car. The way is the same as before. It’s just the opposite of orientation.
10, the final crimping edge to the shoulder point line with heavy wiring. This time, the piece movement is from the position of the hour hand to the position of 4 with the right hand. Practice 5 times can also be done in 1 second. The method of pressing the line is slightly the same as the above, but it must be heavy at the wiring. It takes only one second to add.
11, the total target value of 35 seconds training can be improved to 38 to 45 seconds after 1 hour plus 20% of the wide release = 48 ~ 54 seconds to achieve at least 48% increase in performance.
Fourth, the sewing line workbench you demonstrate to me the stage
When she demonstrates, the trainer should observe her mood factors at this time. Is there any satisfaction? Is there a sense of accomplishment? Is it nervous? Is it powerless? Is the amount of exercise too large? Easy to fatigue? How is comprehension? High desire to learn? Will it be impatient? Is quality awareness high? If the quality is not up to standard, there will be frustration? What is the effect of the training? Trying to be strong? Will the mood of the countdown be tense and the quality deteriorate?
In short, I can see at any time that Yongzheng may have more potential, and may not achieve the desired results. As long as there is progress, quality can be controlled again. Step by step to improve performance on the line, fill in the training record, provide a reference to the process according to the row, and put on the suture to complete the product as a reference. And for the quality control unit to give comments.
This is an effective way to guide prenatal training. As for the training of individual processes, it is best to adopt a collective training method to allow the employees in the factory to concentrate on the training, so that the employees can separately record the operation time of each action and optimize the individual actions. The personnel (the best quality and the best time workers) expressed their feelings and demonstrated the second time and invited the participants to ask questions and discuss each other. The leading technical cadres at all levels and the participants saw the elite, saw the data, saw the video, And as a craft textbook. The highest level of effective guidance.
If the site of the big goods is re-directed, the measures of “every three must be taken” (the author's original creation) will be adopted. That is to say, every three people must stop to inspect the quality of the top three. Is there any inconvenience that should be explored first? Did you hear it clearly? Is there a lack of quality awareness? Are you not careful? Is it caused by other factors? Defective pieces? Broken needle formation? Is the machine not adjusted and adjusted?
If there is no quality problem, then continue to the next three teachings and then stop and patrol the quality of the top six.
The team leader must effectively guide the technology, but also have IE data support, and more quality assurance. This will definitely improve production performance, increase employee income, stabilize employee turnover, increase per capita production, improve corporate image and become more competitive.
If you want to improve the production of garments, you must not only understand the craft, but also understand some basic methods of IE, in order to do more with less!
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