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Garment factory production line layout, which one do you lik

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The principle of the layout of the packing table can be summarized as: "two observances, two avoidances".
Two observances: counterclockwise arrangement, consistent entrance and exit
Two avoidances: island layout, bird cage layout
1.Counterclockwise arrangement
Counter-clockwise arrangement, the main purpose is to hope that employees can use one person to complete the work, and can achieve one person and more machines. One person ends up with one person and multiple machines require an employee to do it from the beginning, so the employee is dynamic, called "tour work."
Most of the workers are right-handed, so if they are arranged counterclockwise, when the employee performs the next machining operation, the fixtures or components are on the left side, and the employee's work is not convenient. This is the purpose of counterclockwise— - The employee will go to the next station - the purpose of the tour will be achieved.
2.Uniform entrance and exit
Consistent at the entrance and exit, it means that the raw material inlet and the finished product are exported together. Why do you require a consistent entrance and exit?
First of all, it helps to reduce empty hand waste. If the entrance and exit are inconsistent and the operator uses the patrolling operation, then when a product is finished and a raw material is to be processed, the operator will be empty-handed (no material can be produced on hand) from the finished product export to the raw material input. This time is a waste. If the entrances and exits are the same, the operator can immediately take the new raw materials for processing, thus avoiding wasted empty hands.

packing table
Second, it is conducive to the balance of the production line. Since the entrances and exits are consistent, the layout must have a shape similar to “U”, which makes the processes very close, which makes it possible for one person to operate multiple processes at the same time, which increases the flexibility of process assignment and thus achieves a higher production line. Balance rate.
Workshop work table
3.Avoid island layout
The island-type layout divides the production line into individual work units. The drawback is that the units are isolated from each other and cannot assist each other.
4.Avoid bird cage layout
The birdcage layout often does not take into account the smooth flow of logistics and people. This kind of misplaced machine or workbench encloses the operator in the middle, making the logistics not smooth, the increase in products, and the mutual support between the unit and the unit. It has also become almost impossible.
5.Petal layout
The petal layout is composed of multiple units and is the result of layout according to the principle of “two observances and two avoidances”. This layout helps to improve mutual assistance between units, thereby increasing line balance. The petal layout is a necessary condition for “mutual cooperation”.
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Garment factory production line layout, which one do you lik

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Garment factory production line layout, which one

The principle of the layout of the packing table can be summarized as: two observances, two avoidances. Two observances: counterclockwise arrange

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