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The development of China's garment industry

  2018-08-24 09:39       

China is a leading producer, consumer and exporter of textile and apparel in the world. Textile industry occupies an important proportion in the economic field.
Apparel industry of our country is still belong to the production processing, the research and development, design and branding still has a gap with international leading level, so the transition is the enormous challenges for us.
The development of a country's garment industry can be seen from the machinery they use.From manual labour to manual spreading machine to automatic spreading machine, the supporting facilities of garment factory are becoming more and more better.Like work tables in garment factory workshop : Air float spreading table, cutting table, trolleys,sewing line center table, racks, power supply lighting bridge,etc. The demand is also increasing, And air float spreading table is not only can improve the production efficiency, but also can meet the needs of domestic and foreign spreading machine brands. Its easy to assemble, customizable features are becoming more and more popular among the buyers.
Now,a lot of clothing enterprises are expanding production and open new factory, which need to purchase a new batch of facilities, air float spreading table is the preferred, A lot of specializing in the production of clothing factory supporting facilities of the company also can undertake field measurements, they will tell you the new factory  workshop what facilities should be put, such as sewing line center table, workers chair, cutting room air float spreading table, cutting table. Packaging and finishing work table for finishing room, fabric and cut pieces trolleys, cloth racks, lighting bridge. Clear division of labor, make each production procedure in order.
In the sales field, China's garment industry has experienced three stages of development: clothing wholesaler era, clothing retailer era, clothing brand business era.
The business model of the industry includes: (1) the mode of OEM industry; (2)       the mode of independent brands:department stores,shopping center, flagship store (3) the mode of light assets.
In the clothing industry, the most attention, the most important is women's clothing. Love beauty is women's nature, women's clothing design and fabric requirements are much higher than men.Therefore, the fashion elements, colors, patterns, styles, etc. of all seasons should be well grasped by garment company. In both the shopping mall and the Internet, women's wear accounts for a much larger proportion than men's wear. Therefore, to stand out from many stores, the most important thing is to make popular clothes.
Clothing industry is an industry that never fades, and China's huge market demand makes a stable clothing industry. Low wage cost, huge market share and mature technology are also advantages of China's garment industry.Clothing enterprises in China should also set up their own clothing brand. Also pay more attention to the characteristics and quality of clothing and introduce advanced technology to develop themself in high value-added, high-tech direction company and also has a place in the increasingly fierce competition.Generally speaking, China's garment industry has a good prospect.

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