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What is a work table?

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The assembly table is a worktable used with assembly line, which is made of high quality cold strapping plate, strong working table frame, firm and steady, can carry work table weight 1000 kg, many kinds of working table selection can meet the requirement of not working. Tool hanging cabinets (boxes), side cabinets (boxes), beautiful appearance; laminate, drawer quality, bearing large, drawer can be arbitrarily separated according to needs, saving space, strong applicability.

1.Impact table plate characteristics.

The table board is made of high pressure forming fibreboard, the surface is glued with green soft embossed special synthetic rubber, and the desktop is sealed with pvc long rubber strip on the four sides to protect the edge of the table from being damaged.

Shock resistant, shock absorbing, beautiful.

Scope of application: suitable for general factory fitter operation, machine and tool maintenance, production line packaging and maintenance plant operation and other purposes.
2.Wear-resistant table plate characteristics.

The table board is made of high pressure composite board, the surface is glued to the grey leather grain surface thermosetting resin high pressure board, the tabletop is surrounded by pvc long rubber strip to protect the edge from being damaged.

Work Table

Abrasion resistant.

Scope of application: suitable for general electronic factories, laboratories, hospitals, school operations, instrument storage, testing operations, maintenance and other purposes.

3.Log table board characteristic.

The table board is made of beech and waterproofing glue under pressure.

Smooth surface, beautiful not easy to change, oil resistance, heat resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance.

Applicable range: suitable for general factory operations and precision mold maintenance, equipment placement and testing and other purposes.

4.Stainless steel table plate characteristics.

Table board use high pressure composite plate, surface coated with 1.2mm sand stainless steel plate, to achieve beauty and durability.

High temperature resistance, wear resistance, oil resistance, long service life, multi-function table board.

Applicable scope: suitable for general factory, food industry, research room, electronic factory clean room.

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