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The way to deal with the maintenance of Lighting Bridge fram

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If the lighting bridge is not regularly maintained, the quality of the Chongqing bridge itself will be deteriorated and the hardness will be reduced. The reason is very simple. Whether it is air or dust, the cable bridge will be corrosive, so it is necessary to maintain the bridge bridge for a long service life. Only by ensuring the quality of the lighting bridge can the line be better protected. The following bridge maintenance maintenance methods:

The maintenance of the lighting bridge is divided into: cleaning, maintenance, because the bridge installation has been placed for a long time, it must have accumulated a lot of dust or other things on the groove surface.

Lighting Bridge

When we clean the bridge, we only need to wipe off the dust on the bridge with a clean rag. Do not use wet cloth and acid chemicals that are wetted with water, which will only lead to the corrosion protection of the lighting bridge. worse and worse.

You can also use light wax. The reason why the lighting bridge is stored for a long time, the gloss will naturally become darker, otherwise it will be bright, and the lighting bridge will be cleaned, then the light wax will be applied to dry, not only for aesthetics. Optimization also enhances the oxidation resistance of the lighting bridge itself.

3.Maintenance, when the maintenance found that the area of the lighting bridge area is corroded, we need to use anti-corrosion paint to smudge it, dry it, enhance the anti-corrosion life of the lighting bridge, because there is a thick anti-corrosion coating, making the lighting bridge The quality is more stable the quality is more stable.

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