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How to spend less on Cable Bridges

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Lighting bridge is divided into slot type, tray type and ladder type, grid type structure, by the support, supporting arm and installation accessories and so on. The bridge frame in the building can be erected independently or attached to various building (construction) and pipe gallery supports. It should embody the characteristics of simple structure, beautiful appearance, flexible configuration and convenient maintenance. All parts need to be galvanized. A bridge mounted in the exposed sky of a building.

1. In the large-scale electrical equipment, some lines will need to use the lighting bridge;
2. Large buildings, such as shopping malls, underground garages, large factories, subway lines, Hotel lines and any other complex lines, more lines to the place, need;
3. There are even orchards that make lighting bridges more useful.

Finally, the emphasis comes on how to buy the lighting bridge for the least price?

1. First of all, it is best not to go to the hardware city, trading companies in the hands of goods, generally at least 20% price increase.
2.Secondly, how to choose the thickness of lighting bridge frame reasonably? For example, if you want a 200m 100 gauge bridge, then the general national standard is 1.5 thick, but in fact you don't have a large number of cables, so you can choose 1.0 thickness or 1.2 thickness. About $1/4 in savings! However, remember, do not choose 0.6-0.8, these thickness is too thin, it is easy to have quality problems, some manufacturers quote, in order to make customers feel very cheap, quoted 0.6 prices, at first glance is very cheap, but after the purchase, easily deformation
3.The best is to buy local manufacturers products, the cost of freight in the field is not low, Zibo Xinbailing Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. warmly welcome you to visit our factory.

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