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How to make use of pipeline worktable reasonably

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The assembly Line table is generally made of antistatic melamine high pressure decorative laminate (commonly known as anti-static Film Fireproof board) as surface material and conductive substrate. Conductive substrate is generally conductive particleboard or graphite-type composite plate, so that the table has anti-static properties. Static electricity can be directly directed to the Earth by anti-static ground or grounding wire.


Humanized design, in line with ergonomic principles, comfortable and beautiful, improve the production efficiency of modular design, a variety of accessories can be any combination of visual needs, and interchangeability of standardized design, according to different requirements, customize the products you need.

Quality of the table panel, the use of anti-static Fire board, with double-sided overall anti-static, fire, wear-resistant characteristics such as the use of steel structure optimization design, and the use of high quality cold-rolled steel plate production, durable metal surface by pickling, phosphating treatment, the use of high-quality anti-static powder electrostatic spraying, flat, beautiful overall anti-static, Fundamentally eliminate the threat of potential static electricity to the product.

pipeline worktable


1.Determine the dimensions of the static radio paid according to the work required.Thoroughly clean the lower surface and an upper surface and components of the mat with alcohol.

2.In the assembly Line table mat under the surface of the foil tape, aluminum foil only allowed in folding place, from the static radio cushion Front Press knob Connector can be replaced with other nuts, so that it through the pad and foil tape to ensure good electrical contact.

3.The static electrostatic prepared radio pad is formed on the worktable surface, and the area of anti-static floor mat is determined according to the activity range of the operator. Put the assembly Line table on the anti-static mat.

4.Line table Belt Conveyor line surface should not reflect, do not skid, corrosion resistance, dust, do not absorb dust, easy to clean.

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