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Advantages of Lighting Bridge

  2018-08-23 09:36       

Lighting bridges have many advantages over traditional cable trays. Let me introduce them to you.

1. (increase or decrease in cable tray) work is simple.

Equipment is often added, subtracted or changed in the machine room, and cables are removed or added at the same time, and cables can be observed to the maximum extent possible by using an open grid bridge, so it is easy to identify cables that need to be replaced. Make maintenance and repair work easy.

2. Flexible and simple, no need for complicated hype tools

Grid bridge products do not need to order any elbows, three links and other components, according to the actual construction conditions can be made into various forms. This feature is very easy for designers and installers, can greatly reduce installation time.

3. Durable

The grid type bridge is open, the cable is naturally ventilated and dissipated, the heat does not gather, and the temperature inside the bridge does not rise. Therefore, cable performance can be optimized by using a smaller cross-section cable, thus reducing the cost of cable procurement. There are many kinds of surface treatment for grid bridge. The zinc layer thickness of electroplating is 12-18 micron, and that of hot-dip zinc is 60-80 micron, the coating is uniform and corrosion resistance is excellent. For some special environments, grid bridges can also provide passivated 304l and 316l high quality stainless steel series bridges and accessories, ensuring the durability of the products.

4. Excellent bearing capacity

The gird bridge is light but does not sacrifice the most important bearing capacity. The girder uses high-quality steel wires 4mm-6mm in diameter to optimize the mixing according to mechanical principles, and uses a specially designed welding machine for cross-welding and T-type welding of side chord and top chord, so that each solder joint can withstand 500 kg tension. Of course, there is one last feature, this feature is safety. Mainly the safety t-edge formed by type welding avoids the sharp end of the welding point, not only protects the cable, but also is safer for construction and installation personnel.

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