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Why is LED lamps aging?

  2018-08-29 08:49       

Generally speaking, LED as a new energy source of energy saving technology, will have a certain degree of light decay in the early stage of being put into use. If our led products are not good in material quality or are not standardized in production, Then the product will appear dark light, flash, failure, intermittent lighting phenomena, so that LED lamps cannot be as long as expected service life.

In order to prevent the quality problems of LED, it is necessary to do well the quality control of the failure of welding packaging components, to test the aging of LED products, and to ensure the reliability of electronic products, which is the most essential step in the production process of the products. In this aging process, there are temperature adaptive testing, analog voltage range (high, medium, low) testing and impact destructive testing, as well as on-line monitoring of driving power supply and product current, voltage change, and other technologies.

So how do led products age? Two approaches are generally used:

First, constant current and constant pressure aging. Constant current aging is the most consistent with the current working characteristics of led. It simulates the use of led lamps in a normal environment and then observes the quality and color of lamps and lanterns.

The second is overcurrent impact aging. This is a new aging method adopted by the manufacturer. By adjusting the frequency and current to judge the service life of led in a short time to check out the hidden trouble of led products.

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