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The meaning of assembly line production

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First, assembly line production concept assembly line production, also known as flowing water production streamline operation, means that the object of labor continuously passes through various working places according to a certain technological route and production speed. A form of production organization in which products are processed and produced sequentially. It is the further development of the organization form of object specialization, and it is a kind of production organization form with fine division of labor and high production efficiency. Henry. Ford (henry ford) established a production system in highland park, Michigan in 1913.

Second, one or a few products (parts) are produced on the characteristic assembly line, the production process is continuous, and the working places on the assembly line are arranged in the order of the product process. Each place of work completes only one or a few processes with a high degree of specialization; the assembly line is produced according to the rhythm of the assembly line. The production capacity of the assembly line is balanced and proportional, and the processing time of each working procedure is equal to the multiple of the beat or beat; The assembly line is equipped with a special transport device, and the product is moved along a one-way transportation route

Third, the production conditions of the assembly line are stable and the products are of long-term social need; the product structure is advanced, the design is finalized, the products are standardized and have good structural workmanship; and the raw materials and cooperative parts are standard. Standardized, and can be supplied on time; machinery and equipment can always be in good condition, the implementation of scheduled repair system; the work of each production link can meet the working quality standards stably, the product inspection can be carried out on the production line with the production line.

Fourth, the main advantage of assembly line production is that the production process can meet the requirements of continuity, parallelism, proportionality and balance. It is highly productive and can deliver products in a timely manner that are heavily needed by the market. Due to specialized production, special equipment and process equipment and mechanized transportation equipment are used in the assembly line, which can improve labor productivity, shorten production cycle, reduce the consumption of in-process products and transport workload. Speeding up capital turnover and reducing production cost can also simplify production management and promote enterprises to strengthen production technology preparation and production service work. The main drawback of assembly line production is that it is not flexible enough to meet the requirements of the market for product output and variety changes, as well as the requirements of technological innovation and technological progress. It takes more investment and time to adjust and restructure the assembly line. Workers work on the assembly line monotonous, nervous, easy to fatigue, not conducive to the improvement of production technology.

The application of modern flexible production technology and information management means to the production of flowing water can greatly overcome the above shortcomings existing in the production line, so that multiple varieties of products can be produced simultaneously on a single production line, which is called mixed-flow production line. Customer orders, in the same production line, continuously produce different kinds of products (including specifications, colors, styles, etc.) ordered by different users, not only to achieve economies of scale, but also to meet the individual needs of users.

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